The faboulous sixties

Today´s Quotation is from Stephen Booth: The Kill Call .

`Music, drugs and sex, right? The Beatles, LSD and miniskirts.´

`Bollocks. That is just the PR. The sixties always had a lot of public relations men, I´ll say that for them. They have a much better image than the fifties and the seventies. Well, it wasn´t like that.´

`That´s a bit disappointing.´

`Look at this place,´said Headon. `Do you think it was all sex and drugs and rock´n´roll here in the sixties?´

`Well -´

`Was it buggery. If you wanted all that stuff, you had to go to London. The Clappergate bus shelter wasn´t exactly Carnaby Street.´

`The Clappergate –  ?´

`That´s where we kids used to hang about. It had a shelter you see – so it was the only place to get out of the rain, if you didn´t fancy the youth club. And the only drug we ever saw in that bus shelter was the nub ends of a Woodbine.´

From The Kill Call by Stephen Booth


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