Dirty and hard work

Today´s Quotation is from Stephen Booth: The Kill Call. The quote is about young girls and horses. I am always astonished about why city-bred young girls work hard in the shit and mud to take care of half ton horses when they only weigh cirka 40 kilos. It is dirty work and I don´t think the fancy leather boots exist in ordinary riding school stables. They are wearing sturdy riding boots and the boots are scuffed and full of mud. But after all horses are lovely.

Fry looked at the young girls again, sweating under the weight of rugs and saddles. Feeding, grooming, turning out, bringing in, mucking out… She didn´t know what on earth it all was, but it sounded like an endless amount of work. And for what? For nothing more than the chance to climb on the back of one of these monkey-lipped creatures and prance around the countryside in a pair of fancy leather boots.

From The Kill Call by Stephen Booth


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