Reading maps

Today´s Quotation comes from Elly Griffiths: The Crossing Places.

No-one is better at reading a map or a landscape than Erik. For him, hills and streams and villages are signposts pointing directly to the past. She remembers him saying to her when she first started his postgraduate course. ‘If you wanted to make a map of your sitting room for archaelogists of the future, what would be the most important thing?’

‘Er…making sure I have  a full inventory of objects.’

He had laughed. ‘No, no. Inventories are all very well in their place but they do not tell us how people lived, what was important to them, what they worshipped. No, the most important thing would be the direction. The way your chairs were facing. That would show archaeologists of the future that the most important object in the twenty-first century home was the large grey rectangle in the corner.’

From The Crossing Places by Ellie Griffiths


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