Interests of science

Todays quotation is from Gentle Axe by R. N. Morris.

“Ah, yes. I don´t doubt it. That´s the thing, you see. There you have it in a nutshell, Porfiry Petrovich. On the one hand, you have the interests of science. On the other, the interests of the office of the investigating magistrate. I had hoped they were the same. But the more I do this job, the more I learn they are not.”

“I trust our interests are the same. Both parties want the truth.”

“But you will insist on dictating which truth you want.”

“That´s unfair, Dr. Pervoyedov. I am merely seeking to influence the order in which the various truths concerning this case are discovered.”

From Gentle Axe by R.N. Morris.


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