Honest and cynical

Today´s quotation is from Sparkling Cyanide by Agatha Christie

“Yes it was a lie – and yet in a queer way it wasn´t. I´m beginning to believe that it was true. Oh, try and understand, Sandra¨. You know the people who always have a noble and good reason to mask their meaner actions? The people who `have to be honest`when they want to be unkind, who `thought it their duty to repeat so and so,` who are such hypocrites to themselves that they go through to their life´s end convinced that every mean and beastly action was done in a spirit of unselfishness! Try  and realise that the opposite of those people can exist too. People who are so cynical, so distrustful of themselves and of life that they can only belive in their bad motives. You were the woman I needed. That at least is true. And I do honestly believe, now, looking back on it, that if it hadn´t been true, I should never have gone through with it.”

From Sparkling Cyanide by Agatha Christie


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