Todays quotation is from The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers.

‘Yes, it is. Feelings are relative. And at the root, they´re all the same, even if they grow from different experiences and exist on different scales.’ He examined her face. She looked sceptical. ‘Sissix would understand this. You Humans really do cripple yourselves with your belief that you all think in unique ways.’ He leaned forward. ‘Your father – the person who raised you, who thaught you how the world works – did something unspeakably horrible. And not only did he take part in it, he justified it to himself. When you first learned of what your father had done, did you believe it?’


‘Why not?’

‘I didn´t think he was capable of it.’

‘Why not? He obviously was.’

‘He didn´t seem like he was. The father I knew never could´ve done such a thing.’

‘Aha. But he did. So then you begin wondering how you could´ve been so wrong about him. You start going back through your memories, looking for signs. You begin questioning everything you know, even the good things. You wonder how much of it was a lie. And worst of all, since he had a heavy hand in making you who you are, you begin wondering what you yourself are capable of.’


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