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Good and incorruptible

Today´s Quotation comes from Elly Griffiths: The Woman in Blue.

Ruth looks at the priest, one of the few people she had believed to be genuinely good and incorruptible. He looks the same: grey hair, broken nose, bright blue eyes. Who knows what secrets people are hiding? The thoughts makes her afraid, as if the brightly lit canteen has suddenly plunged into darkness,



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Good and evil

Todays quotation is from The Divine Sacrifice by Tony Hays.

“Do you deny that good and evil exists?”

“No, but I would say that all men are capable of good and evil. Good men sometimes make decisions that result in evil. Sometimes evil men make decisions that result in good. “

From The Divine Sacrifice by Tony Hays.

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Good and evil

Today´s Quotation is from Mercedes Lackey: Winds of Fate.

“She shook her mane impatiently. : “Does it matter in whose name good is done? Evil done in the name of a Power of good is still evil. And good done in the name of a Power of evil is still good. It is the actions which matter, not the Name it is done for. You stand against evil here; we will help if you will have us. And then – perhaps – you may help us.”

From Winds of Fate by Mercedes Lackey

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