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Happy moments

Todays quotation is from Dead Before Dying by Deon Meyer.

The feeling of discomfort grew because here Drew Wilson was still alive in timeless moments of happiness, birthdays and awards, parental love, friendship. Detective-sergeant Gerrit Snyman didn´t consider the symbolism of the photo album for a single second, nor for the same brief space of time, did it occur to him that everyone left only the happy moments for future generations and took the grief and the pain, the heartbreak and the failures to their graves.


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Graves are not for the dead

Todays quotation is from Cold Days by Jim Butcher.

Graves aren’t for the dead. They’re for the loved ones the dead leave behind them. Once those loved ones have gone, once all the lives that have touched the occupant of any given grave had ended, then the grave’s purpose was fulfilled and ended.

From  Cold Days by Jim Butcher.

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